Two Headed Radioactive Fish, Dies in Tar Sands Spill


WISCASSET, ME– A beloved catfish born with two heads as a result of the radioactive waste leaking from the (now decommissioned) Maine Yankee nuclear power station has died today, after a truck hauling a tank filled with tar sands went off the road and into the Sheepscot river, releasing thousands of gallons of tar sands bitumen. Continue reading


How To Be a Successful Creative Person In Portland Maine

by Zackariah Brapfhhipster man

I hear a lot of people complaining about how hard it is to make it work as a creative individual these days in Portland. They complain about how all the small venues where bands can cut their teeth are all gone. How all the small venues where artists who haven’t already built a name for themselves can show their work. They complain about how it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable spaces to do things in. But I’ve made it work as a successful creative person in Portland, so I don’t have any clue what they are talking about.

How did I get to be so successful? I’m glad you asked because I would like to share with the world, the secrets to how I got to be such a success. Continue reading