Top 8 Dog Instagram Accounts To Scroll Through While Avoiding Conversation With Your Family This Christmas

8. Ruth Bader Ginsdog


@RuthBaderGinsdog is a chihuahua with a derpy side tongue and a social justice warrior who will conquer your heart. Continue reading


Seriously: WTF is the Phoenix Doing?

So, Westbrook To Falmouth was started in reaction to a lot of things.  It was started in response to the consolidation of Portland’s media market.  It was started in response to the death of the arts and culture scene in Portland.  It was started in response to the wave of class warfare that we’ve seen coming from City Hall and the State Government alike.

But the moment of crystallization came when The Portland Phoenix was purchased by the Portland Daily Sun, and went from being a fairly progressive alt weekly written about Portland, by people who live in Portland, with interesting and timely articles… and then began it’s slow transformation to a tourist brochure for Portland, written and edited by people who do not live here. Continue reading