Top 8 Dog Instagram Accounts To Scroll Through While Avoiding Conversation With Your Family This Christmas

8. Ruth Bader Ginsdog


@RuthBaderGinsdog is a chihuahua with a derpy side tongue and a social justice warrior who will conquer your heart. Continue reading


Portland Greens Elect New Leaders for 2016

PORTLAND, ME — The Portland Green Independent Committee held its annual meeting on November 18th and elected its new party officers for 2016.

Crystal Cron, a long-time Green Party member, won the seat for chair. She has been a home health worker for the past five years, taking care of elderly and disabled people who need nursing home level of care.

Cron helped to reestablish the Portland Tenants’ Union, served as the treasurer of Portlanders for a Living Wage committee, participated in the successful municipal Marijuana Legalization campaign, managed Tom MacMillan’s 2012 campaign for state representative, and has been a Latin America Solidarity activist for many years.

Cron will be the first Latina to serve as an officer of the PGIC. Raised by a single immigrant mother, Cron is dedicated to building connections to the immigrant community.
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Only 37% of Voters Participate: How the Math Breaks Down for the Winners

PORTLAND, ME — With only 37% of eligible voters participating in the election on Nov 3rd, a “vast majority” of 21.46% of eligible voters struck down the Living Wage ordinance that would have lifted the minimum wage to $15/hr in Portland this past Tuesday, Nov 3rd.

The Scenic View Protection ordinance was struck down by a similarly large majority of 23.31%.

City wide races saw tough competition, but few candidates. Continue reading

Area Woman Leaves Passive Aggressive Note In Response To Passive Aggressive Note

After a Real Crap Week, Area Woman has had Enough of Everyone’s B.S.


passive agressive notes can be anywhere on anything and can be left for anyone at practically any time!

Passive-aggressive notes can be written anywhere, on anything and can be left for anyone, at practically any time!

After arriving home, Area Woman dragged herself down to the laundry room to get a quick load in the wash, only to find a passive-aggressive note deriding her as having “no communal spirit” scrawled upon the laundry soap she left in the laundry room.

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Please Keep Your Cars at Home

While riding my bicycle from a friend’s wedding rehearsal at the First Unitarian Universalist church on Congress Street, I was almost hit by a car.

For being almost maimed by 1.5 tons of steel barreling by me at high speed, I think my reaction was reserved.  “Woah… hey now!”  I said, fairly matter of fact.

After the car rolled past, thoughts rolled through my head as I realized the gravity of the situation and what just happened.

I could have just died. Why? Continue reading