Book Review: Why Bad Governments Happen To Good People, Danny Katch


Following up his intelligent and funny read, “Socialism… seriously“, Katch’s sophomore book, “Why Bad Governments Happen To Good People” explores how in the f**k a reality TV show, known sexual assailant, racist, and proto-fascist is president of the USA right now. Continue reading


Socialism… Seriously by Danny Katch

You might have picked up a copy of the Communist Manifesto, one that doesn’t have any footnotes (at least not from anybody other than Marx and Engels themselves) and been like, “who the hell are all these people they are referring to?  None of this seems relevant to me.  I have a smartphone!”

Well, those people were important movers and shakers, and you’d be wrong about thinking that we can’t draw any important conclusions about how to organize for socialism in the 21st century by learning from the mistakes of the past. Continue reading