How To Be a Successful Creative Person In Portland Maine

by Zackariah Brapfhhipster man

I hear a lot of people complaining about how hard it is to make it work as a creative individual these days in Portland. They complain about how all the small venues where bands can cut their teeth are all gone. How all the small venues where artists who haven’t already built a name for themselves can show their work. They complain about how it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable spaces to do things in. But I’ve made it work as a successful creative person in Portland, so I don’t have any clue what they are talking about.

How did I get to be so successful? I’m glad you asked because I would like to share with the world, the secrets to how I got to be such a success. Continue reading


Seriously: WTF is the Phoenix Doing?

So, Westbrook To Falmouth was started in reaction to a lot of things.  It was started in response to the consolidation of Portland’s media market.  It was started in response to the death of the arts and culture scene in Portland.  It was started in response to the wave of class warfare that we’ve seen coming from City Hall and the State Government alike.

But the moment of crystallization came when The Portland Phoenix was purchased by the Portland Daily Sun, and went from being a fairly progressive alt weekly written about Portland, by people who live in Portland, with interesting and timely articles… and then began it’s slow transformation to a tourist brochure for Portland, written and edited by people who do not live here. Continue reading

Please Keep Your Cars at Home

While riding my bicycle from a friend’s wedding rehearsal at the First Unitarian Universalist church on Congress Street, I was almost hit by a car.

For being almost maimed by 1.5 tons of steel barreling by me at high speed, I think my reaction was reserved.  “Woah… hey now!”  I said, fairly matter of fact.

After the car rolled past, thoughts rolled through my head as I realized the gravity of the situation and what just happened.

I could have just died. Why? Continue reading