Dear Nebbie: My Landlord is a Racist Fuckbag

Nebbie Lidzt

By Nebbie Lidzt

Dear Nebbie,

I am forced by high rents and low income to live in a sketchy neighborhood with a neglectful landlord.

Heat is not included, and so we foot the bill for that.  There are walls that literally have no insulation. The windows do not close tightly, it is very drafty, and there are many other problems. WIthout making any improvements or addressing any of these problems, my landlord recently raised the rent by a significant amount. He recently made some racist comments about immigrants, and I told him I did not agree with him.

He evicted my family over it. Then said we could stay after I apologized to him.

So I had to suck it up and apologize to a racist because our lease ran out and he could kick us out at any moment. Continue reading