Top 8 Dog Instagram Accounts To Scroll Through While Avoiding Conversation With Your Family This Christmas

8. Ruth Bader Ginsdog


@RuthBaderGinsdog is a chihuahua with a derpy side tongue and a social justice warrior who will conquer your heart.

7. Dogs Eating Gently

Screenshot from 2018-12-22 14-36-23

@dogseatinggently A curated video archive of many good doggos doing a nibble.

6. Pup Lords


@puplords Pup Lords are better than edge lords.

5. Chill Wild Life


@chillwildlife This account is filled both with many pictures of dogs, and also pictures of strange dogs.

4. We Rate Dogs

Screenshot from 2018-12-22 14-58-01

@weratedogs they rate dogs

3. The Dogist


@thedogist very fancy metropolitan puppers being fancy bois

2. Pig

45761113_273807703330955_6503084957249989706_n@DailyPig102 this account specializes in strange dogs

1. Mister Bubz


@misterbubz Mister Bubz and his person are both the personification, and dogification, of an overplayed and undertracked vhs tape having an existential crisis. 5/5 dogs.


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