Book Review: Why Bad Governments Happen To Good People, Danny Katch


Following up his intelligent and funny read, “Socialism… seriously“, Katch’s sophomore book, “Why Bad Governments Happen To Good People” explores how in the f**k a reality TV show, known sexual assailant, racist, and proto-fascist is president of the USA right now.

Katch dives headfist into the 2016 election to try to figure out what happened and why, and pulls apart the threads in a way that is both funny and informative.

Katch comes out swinging with solid class analysis, shows why the rightward creeping neoliberalism of the corporate-owned Democratic Party helped set the stage for the proto-fascist insanity we live under now, and most importantly, offers a way out that actually makes sense.

But to understand how we get out of where we are, we need to understand how we got here in the first place, and Katch offers plenty of observations from history, economics, and Marxist analysis and synthesis to chart the path both in and out of this mess we are presently in.  Oh, and did we mention that it’s fucking funny as hell?  An absolute must read for anybody who considers themselves progressive, socialist, or anywhere to the left of George W Bush.



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