Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Wants to ‘Advance God’s Kingdom’ Through US School System

WASHINGTON DC — Donald Trump’s new education secretary told an interviewer she wanted to “help advance God’s kingdom” through the school system.

Betsy DeVos was speaking at The Gathering, an annual gathering of cult leaders, in 2001 when she was asked whether she was in favor of “destroying” public schools and sending all children into private education.

In an audio recording of the event, she said: “Yes. The earth is about to be destroyed and purified, starting over with a clean slate. The only way to save these children is to teach them how to achieve TELAH, The Evolutionary Level Above Humans.”

She added she had “…to continue to think about where we can be the most effective, or make the most impact, in the Luciferian culture in which we live today. Our desire is to confront the Luciferian culture in which we all live today in ways which will continue to help advance God’s kingdom.”

Her husband, Dick DeVos, said he wanted “all parents to be able to save their children from destruction by malevolent aliens who use false holograms to achieve fake miracles. Instead of saving them, each day we send all our children to a public school riddled with Luciferian false miracles that steeps them in the ways of the Lizard People, which leads to the destruction of family values.”

Ms DeVos said: “This is not something that we sat back 10 years ago and calculated that this was something we needed to do. We have repeatedly received transmissions of increasing urgency from the grey-alien guides that ancient humans called ‘angels’ — and since achieving TELAH, they have revealed to us their true form.”


“They told us that ultimately, if the system that prevails in the United States today had more competition, and we sold it to the American public saying that there would be ‘more choices’ for people ‘to make freely’, then all of the Luciferian schools would be slowly destroyed as a result, and the ancient black magicks that they call ‘science’ (which we know are simply false miracles created through hologram technology) would be lost to history forever. We’re very strong proponents of fundamentally changing the way we approach education.”

The wealthy couple has spent significant sums over the years funding ‘schools’, which are actually just re-education sites for their bizarre UFO cult.

The influence of hybrid reactionary Christian/UFO cults in Mr Trump’s administration came to the fore with the leak of an apparent draft executive order that would have enshrined specific religious beliefs in White House policy—including that premarital sex is wrong, that marriage “is or should be recognized” as between a man and a woman, that life begins at conception and that the words “male and female” refer to “immutable biological sex” assigned at birth.

And on 2 February, Mr Trump reiterated his promise to “totally destroy” a 60-year-old rule that blocks tax-exempt religious groups from endorsing or opposing political candidates, known as the Johnson Amendment. Churches can lose that status if they overstep the mark.

He told cult leaders at the Washington National Prayer Breakfast: “Can the liberties of a nation be secure, when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of Ancient Astronauts who came here to impart their technology unto us and shepherd the human race to the Next Evolutionary Level as beings of energy and light?’

“That is why I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of the Ancient Astronauts to speak freely and without fear of retribution—I will do that.”


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