Horoscope for August 2016

We’ve looked at the stars, studied them carefully, and figured out what you need to know for August 2016.

Aries: The United States was built on stolen land, using stolen labor that came from stolen people. #BlackLivesMatter

Taurus: National City Bank of New York (later named Citibank) was built primarily by financing the slave trade.  When Moses Taylor, the bank’s director at the time, died, he had a net worth of $70 million, or $1.7 billion in today’s dollars.  That capital accrued during the slave trade allowed Citibank to become a corporation that today has $1.801 Trillion in assets, and $221.8 billion in equity. That money can and should be seized to pay reparations to the decendents of those who created that wealth. #BlackLivesMatter

Gemini: Police in the United States have two primary origins.  The first are private mercenaries hired to brutalize and kill striking factory workers, the second is the ‘runaway slave patrols’ of the south.  The purpose of both organizations were to use force to oppress working people and protect the interests of private capital.  The purpose of the police largely remains the same today. #BlackLivesMatter

Cancer: White Supremacy in the United States was originally used as a tool by the capitalist ruling class to divide working class white people from working class black people, to prevent them from uniting for common cause against the capitalist ruling class. When black lives matter, the foundation of an unjust society is shaken and begins to crumble. #BlackLivesMatter

Leo: The “All Lives Matter” as opposition to black liberation is not a new phenomenon.  White liberals who did not want to be seen as ‘bad people’ for opposing an end to segregation would claim to support the cause, but critique activists like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr for blocking roads and disobeying laws as “not being peaceful” and accused the peaceful demonstrators of “being violent” when they were brutally attacked by police. #BlackLivesMatter

Virgo: Capitalism started with colonialism. At the forefront of every major anti-colonialist struggle, has been a vanguard of people steeped in marxism and marxist thought. #BlackLivesMatter

Libra: “Black lives cannot matter under capitalism. They are like oil and water.”― Alica Garza, Black Lives Matter co-founder #BlackLivesMatter

Scorpio:  “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”  ― Malcolm X #BlackLivesMatter

Sagittarius:  Police shot and killed 100 unarmed black people in 2015.  Not a single officer served jail time, even when the killings were ruled to be homicide. #BlackLivesMatter

Capricorn: New York City’s first City Hall building was built by slave labor. Slaves built the Wall that Wall Street is named for.  Wall Street as a financial center started in large part due to it being an epicenter of the slave trade.  American Capitalism was founded in slavery. Though in the past, this legacy continues to have consquences on all our lives today. #BlackLivesMatter

Aquarius: Despite being in the north, Maine’s economy was once deeply intertwined with the slave trade. When Fredrick Douglass attempted to speak at the Quaker Meeting House that once stood where Lincoln Park is today, violent mobs of pro-slavery Portlanders rioted outside, smashing the windows and hurling rocks. Though the moral righteousness of the Abolutionists seems obvious today, abolition of slavery was not a popular position then. Remember that, before taking a swipe at social justice advocates of today.   #BlackLivesMatter

Pisces: Black Lives Matter activists in New York City occupied City Hall Park on August 1st 2016 to force NYPD police commissioner Bill Bratton to resign. He did so on August 2nd. #BlackLivesMatter


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