Letter to the Editor

I’m angry. This is your warning: (Mention of politics, the Orlando shooting, and the Stanford Rapist.)

I’m angry that everything I’ve seen in the news over the past two weeks has been literally news about how people like me don’t matter. Our rapes go unpunished and our murders are mourned by the same people who denounce us every other day of the week, or aren’t mourned at all. These stories are telling me, and people like me, that my life is as easily tossed aside, as meaningless and irrelevant as those of my fifty dead siblings – as millions of my abused, raped, and violated siblings whose abusers go unpunished and the systems that bred our murderers and rapists remain intact.

I am tired. This is not an individual issue. This is systemic. Every time I see someone suggest that we should all vote Democrat to stop the Republicans from getting into power and deporting and murdering us all, I want to scream.

It is already happening. If Trump is elected, nothing will change. It will get worse? More of us will die? More of us are dying every day. It is already getting worse. The right has been rising for a long time, and voting in another Democrat is not going to stop it.

I don’t care who you vote for. This isn’t about that – this is a call to realize that things are already bad for us. They have been, and will continue to be bad. This is what we have all let happen.

The news will continue to tell me stories about how another life, like mine, is tragically cut short – irreparably damaged. These headlines frame a culture that looks at these victims as casualties of a cruelty that is not their fault or responsibility, and will do nothing to end our suffering. They frame the picture of me – and us – that the world has been painting for decades.

A poor, queer woman, who is only newsworthy
In Memoriam.

Lexi Whitman
South Portland

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