City Council Puts Portland in ‘Time Out’

Sends City of Portland to Bed Without Dinner

Won’t let city come out until it apologizes for what it’s done

PORTLAND CITY HALL — Portland’s city council voted in favor of a new budget May 16th, which will shutter the India Street Clinic, disrupting care to thousands of city residents. Responsibilities previously handled by the India Street Health Clinic will be transferred to the Portland Community Health Center.

The 8-1 vote to close the clinic was made by the city council, “because we said so,” despite a fervent outcry from community organizations, and no motion was made to remove the clinic closure from the budget. While council members insist they are confident in the transition of care from one facility to another, at least two stated the night of the council meeting they “have no way of knowing” how successful it will be.

In the prepared closing statements of the May 16 budget meeting, council members repeatedly chided the public for their outcry, saying they had never encountered such “ugly discourse” and “ the amount of ‘lie-spewing’ over social media.

“I don’t like your tone, Portland,” said longtime city council member Nick Mavodones. “Stop being so fresh. Your Mayor and I didn’t raise you this way, and we have no idea where this attitude is coming from. You should be grateful. It is because of us that you don’t have a Hooters in the downtown!”

City council adjourned the meeting to public chants of “shame! shame! shame!” by sending the entire city to their rooms to think about how they were acting. All city restaurants were closed for the night and every Portland resident was sent to bed without supper.


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