India Street Clinic Moving to Riverside Golf Course

by WTF Staff

PORTLAND – While protesters with “Save India Street Clinic “ rallied at Monument Square on May 1st to protest the proposed closing of the health clinic in downtown Portland, City Manager Jon Jennings was back at City Hall announcing to the press that the India Street Clinic will not be closing after all, but will be moving it’s operations to Riverside Municipal Golf Course, as part of renovations to the restaurant located there.

The India Street Clinic which serves over 6,600 patients, in addition to treating addiction, HIV, Hepatitis, and providing STD screening, will now offer canapes, a diverse offering of club sandwiches and sides, a small selection of domestic beers and local microbrews.

“While it would be less expensive for us to leave the India Street Clinic where it is, and simply stop using public money to fund the golf course’s restaurant, we really feel that this project is worth the investment,” Jon Jennings told a group of reporters gathered at his office.

Samantha Harding, named by Jennings to be the new director of the India Street Clinic and Golf Course Restaurant, addressed the crowd following Jennings’s announcement.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Portland to consolidate operations of these two equally vital services.”



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