Portland Art/Music Scene Seeks Historic Preservation Status

PORTLAND, ME — Following on the heels of the last artist/musician leaving Portland last week, the Portland Arts Commission filed papers today with the City of Portland to give Historic Preservation Status to the last semi-run-down apartment rented to a musician/artist for a reasonable rate on Munjoy Hill.  They indicated in a statement to the press today that they intend to turn it into a ‘living museum.’

“Munjoy Hill used to be a great place to rent sort-of-run-down apartments for not very much money, making it a haven for artists, musicians, writers, and other creative types. That period of the 1980s through the late 1990s played a huge role in giving Portland the appeal it presently has.”

As a memorial to the end of the Portland Arts and Music Scene that comes with the last artist/musician moving out of Portland, the Portland Arts Commission intends to preserve their apartment in its present condition.

Citing the desire to be around these types of spaces as the reason that many came to Portland in the last 5 years, the Portland Arts Commission “want[s] to preserve the authenticity of the space.  We’re talking about eclectic assortments of semi-broken furniture, unfinished canvass paintings leaning against walls, grease stained stovetops, salvaged musical instruments in various states of repair laying around on tables and counters, burning sage smudges left unattended on handmade ceramic flatware, lots of unmanicured houseplants potted in milkjugs and other repurposed materials that have overgrown their containers.  To give an added air of authenticity, actors will be hired to listen to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, sketch doodles in handmade moleskin notebooks, and cook large communal batches of vegan mac and cheese.”


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