Portland Greens Elect New Leaders for 2016

PORTLAND, ME — The Portland Green Independent Committee held its annual meeting on November 18th and elected its new party officers for 2016.

Crystal Cron, a long-time Green Party member, won the seat for chair. She has been a home health worker for the past five years, taking care of elderly and disabled people who need nursing home level of care.

Cron helped to reestablish the Portland Tenants’ Union, served as the treasurer of Portlanders for a Living Wage committee, participated in the successful municipal Marijuana Legalization campaign, managed Tom MacMillan’s 2012 campaign for state representative, and has been a Latin America Solidarity activist for many years.

Cron will be the first Latina to serve as an officer of the PGIC. Raised by a single immigrant mother, Cron is dedicated to building connections to the immigrant community.

Cron said in a press release, “Our city officials do a lot of talking on behalf of the immigrants and refugees in Portland. We need to do a lot more listening, and invite people from the immigrant community into the political discussion to make decisions for themselves. As chair of the PGIC, I am committed to reaching out to low-income immigrant families like mine, and making sure they feel heard and valued. I want to see the PGIC empowering people of color to take on positions of leadership in our party and in our community.”

Rob Korobkin, who garnered 28% of the vote in the City Council race this year for Portland’s second district, was elected secretary.  Korobkin is a web developer, musician and teacher with over a decade of experience as a community organizer.  He has worked on the staff of the labor unions Unite-Here! and the Vermont State Employees Association and has been an active member of the Southern Maine Workers Center and Maine Wabanaki REACH.  “I love the Greens, “ said Korobkin.  “I’m eager to use my role as secretary to build a coalition with other groups in the city and do the kind of genuine community outreach that we need to bring about progressive social change in Portland.”

Dave Foster, who earned 20.5% of the vote running against the 18-year incumbent, Nick Mavodones, for City Council At-Large, was elected treasurer. Foster is a Maine native, veteran of the Air Force and is currently the media marketing manager at the Great Lost Bear. “I am very excited to serve as treasurer for the Portland Greens! As we look towards the future of our organization and city, I have great hope that we will continue our legacy of education and our pursuit of social justice. We are the only party that will represent all of the people who live here. It is a great responsibility, and I do not take it on lightly.”


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