Only 37% of Voters Participate: How the Math Breaks Down for the Winners

PORTLAND, ME — With only 37% of eligible voters participating in the election on Nov 3rd, a “vast majority” of 21.46% of eligible voters struck down the Living Wage ordinance that would have lifted the minimum wage to $15/hr in Portland this past Tuesday, Nov 3rd.

The Scenic View Protection ordinance was struck down by a similarly large majority of 23.31%.

City wide races saw tough competition, but few candidates.

For Mayor, Ethan Strimling won a tight race against Mike Brennan, earning 18.87% of the eligible vote and 14.06% of the eligible vote respectively, thus splitting the vote nearly evenly, but for Green Party candidate Tom MacMillan.

Nick Mavadones surged ahead in his race against two opponants, Matthew Coffey and Dave Foster, earning a commanding lead with nearly 23.31% of the eligible vote.

For School Board, Sarah Thompson defended her seat against her only challenger, Paul Okot, by earning 26.3% of the vote.

In the district races, the field was packed, the races competitive.

In District 1, City Council newcomer Belinda Ray fought in a tough five-way race, but sealed the win with 14.43% of the eligible vote.  For School Board, drunk driver Jenna Vendil was able to keep her seat against her only challenger, Josephine Okot, by earning 21.83% of the eligible vote.

District 2 city council saw a three way race between Spencer Thibodeau, Rob Korobkin, and Wellington Lyons.  Thibodeau edged out his competition with 15.17% of the eligible vote.  For school board, Holly Seeliger earned the highest percentage of the vote of any of the candidates, with a full 37% of the eligible vote.  Seeliger ran unopposed.

63% of eligible voters opted to stay home rather than participate.

A previous version of this story was released using old information that was less accurate, saying that only 25% of eligible voters participated.  The article has been updated to reflect the more accurate figures.


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