POLL: Why Aren’t People Throwing Bricks Through Bank Windows Right Now

Everybody knows that the Banks totally destroyed the economy back in 2009.  We all know how they did it now too, by lying and cheating and just generally preying upon poor people like a wild dog that happens upon a nest of helpless baby mice.

Everybody knows that the reason that we haven’t switched over to renewable energy is because capitalism finds killing all life on the planet to be extremely profitable, and now that our climate is warming, methane is being released from permafrost areas of tundra, and even previously frozen parts of the ocean floor. Everybody knows that the Gulf Oil Spill was caused, in no small part, by capitalism.  No sane economic system would do these things.

The question isn’t how the capitalist class used their political connections to engineer a $16 trillion dollar bailout at our expense.  The question isn’t how they then used the financial crisis they themselves created to privatize once-public services, so they could begin charging us for public goods and services that were once freely available.

The question really is, “Why aren’t people throwing bricks through bank windows right now?

And I don’t mean like, “Hey let’s get some friends together tonight and throw a brick through a bank window this weekend.”  I mean, like, why are there not bricks flying through the windows of every bank, every second of every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

And why is it, that when all the windows at the banks are smashed, people are not then going to the factories that make the bank windows, and smashing all those windows before they even get installed at the banks?

The hard data on why people are not throwing bricks through bank windows right now.

The hard data on why people are not throwing bricks through bank windows right now.

To get to the bottom of this question, I ran an informal poll of people who were not engaged in the destruction of bank property by throwing bricks through their lobby windows, to find out why they aren’t smashing the windows of banks right this very second.

“Between work, kids, and what little social life I have, it’s just so difficult to find the time to throw a brick through the window of a financial institution.” said John, a resident of Portland’s Parkside neighborhood.

The fear of being subject to beatings by the police was a reason cited by many as well.  “I don’t want to be beaten up by cops” was a reason I heard many times, along with “prison time isn’t terribly convenient to my work schedule.”

Brooke, of Portland’s West End neighborhood indicated that she’d love to be continuously throwing brick after brick through the windows of banks, but “I’m brown, so my prison sentence would be more severe.”

Many indicated that they’d love to take time out of their day to pull a brick out of the sidewalk by their fingernails and hurl it through the air into the glass of a Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase, just two of the financial institutions guilty of creating a country that has 6 empty homes for every homeless person— but most people just weren’t able to find the time in their daily schedule.

Caroline, of Buxton, in town for her job, said that she wasn’t presently heaving bricks through the windows of banks because, “I just can’t care hard enough anymore.”

She continued, “All my rage is used up. Even if I throw a brick through the window, they’ll just replace it with a new one.  Besides, I’m on a diet, and I don’t want to over-exert myself.”

Others were more optimistic.

“Frankly, I’d like to see these banks more than just have smashed windows, I’d like to see all their files wiped out and have everybody’s debt struck from the record.” said Jane, a resident of Portland’s Libbytown neighborhood. “Frankly, the reason I haven’t thrown a brick through a window is I’m scared that I couldn’t stop at just one.”


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